Group Information

Group Liasion Officers (GLO's)
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Contact either of the Group Liaison Officers if you want to know more about the groups. This listing of the groups full or places status is correct at the 14th March 2017

You must be a member of Dunstable U3A to join any of these groups


Group Vacancies Leader/Co-ordinator Freq. Day Time
Antiques & Collectables places Barbara 4th week Fri 10am
Architecture 1 places
1st week
Wed 10am
Architecture 2 places
2nd week
Tues 10am
Art Appreciation 2 full
4th week Mon 2pm
Art Workshop 1 full Brian
Tues 2pm
Astronomy/Geology full Tony
2nd week Mon 10am
Badminton places
Mike weekly
Wed 10am
Badminton 2 (Proposed new group) Contact GLO
Ballroom Dancing places Alan
1st,3rd & 5th weeks
Wed 1.30pm
Big Band Appreciation full Alan 1st week Thurs 10am
Bird watching / Nature full Annette 
3rd week
Bird Watch 2 places Wendy 4th week Fri 9am
The Book Club full Daphne 4th week Fri 10am
Bookworms 1 1 place Rayner
1st week Mon 10am
Bookworms 2 full Janet
2nd week Mon 10am
Bookworms 3 2 places Judy 3rd week
Mon 10am
Bookworms 4 places
Eileen 4th week
Mon 10am
Boule 2 places
Wed 2pm
Bowling - Ten Pin places Noreen
weekly Tues 10am
Bowls, Carpet full
weekly Thurs 10am
Bridge full Janet weekly Fri 9.45am
Bridge (Beginners) TBA Janet See GLO's
Dunstable Transport U3A 1 places Alan 4th week Thurs 2pm
Canasta full Sylvia 2nd/4th weeks
Wed 10am
Card Making 1 full Pam
2nd/4th weeks
Thurs 10am
Changing Times 2 places
Roy & Margaret 
1st week
Thurs 2.30pm
Choir full Elaine
1st/2nd/4th/5th wk
Mon 2pm
Computer Club places Keith
3rd week Wed 2pm
Cribbage places Bob 2nd & 4th week Thurs 10.30am
Croquet 2 full Ronnie
Mon 1.30pm
Croquet 3 2 places Don 
Wed 10am
Croquet A full Ronnie
Mon 10am
Croquet B full
Ronnie fortnightly
Mon 10am
Cycling places Alan weekly Thurs 10.30am
Dancing, Scottish Country full
2nd/4th weeks
Mon 10am
Dancing, Sequence full
Fri 2pm
Dancing, English Country places Bob
1st/3rd weeks Tues 10.15am
Digital Photography 1 full John 3rd week
Thurs 2pm
Digital Photography 2 full
Stuart 2nd week
Wed 2pm
Discussion group 1 full 
Mary 3rd week Tues 10am
Dunstable Transport U3A full Alan 4th week Thurs 2pm
English Heritage 1 place Pam
4th week
Mon 10am
Everyday Psychology Closed
Exercise and Dance 1 & 2 full Jeanette weekly
Thurs 10am/11.15am
Family History 2 places Joyce 2nd week
Mon 2pm
Flower Arranging full Anne 2nd week
Tues 2pm
French 1 full
John 1st/3rd weeks Fri 10am
French 2 1 place Liz 2nd week
Fri 10am
French for Beginners full Liz 2nd week Wed 2pm
Gardening 3 full Brenda
1st week
Wed 10am
Gardening 4 (Flower Pots) full John
4th week
Tues 10am
Gardening 5 full Carolyn 2nd / 4th weeks Wed 2pm
German full John 2nd / 4th weeks Wed 10am
Golf full 
3rd week Wed 
places Liz 1st / 3rd weeks Wed 2pm
Heraldry places John 1st week Mon 2pm
Jazz Appreciation full Peter 4th week Wed 2pm
Knit,Crochet/Natter full Mary alternate weeks Thurs 2pm
Knit & Natter 3 full Penny 2nd/4th week Thurs 2pm
Latin full Mary 2nd/4th week (sept)
Wed 10am
Light Music places Roy 2nd week
Tues 2pm
Line Dancing 1 full Rita 1st/3rd weeks
Tues 2pm
Line Dancing 2 2 places Jenny /Jan
2nd/4th weeks Tues 2pm
19th/20th Century Novels/Society places
2nd week Wed 10am
Local History 2 places Tony 1st week Mon 10am
London History full Roy 1st week Tues 2pm
Luncheon Club 2 full
Marjorie 2nd week
Sun 12.30pm
Mah Jong Not Restarting
Miniatures- Doll's houses full Rita
Various by arrangment Various Various Home
Music 2, Classical full David 2nd week Fri 2pm
Music 3, Classical full Isabel 1st week Fri 2pm
Painting 2 6 places Janet 1st/2nd & 4th weeks Wed 1pm
Painting for pleasure full Eileen weekly Wed 10am
Patchwork 1 full Jenny 1st/3rd weeks Wed 2pm
Patchwork 2 places Jenny 1st & 3rd weeks Wed 10am
Patchwork 3 2 places Frances 3rd week Wed 2pm
Philosophy 3 places Denis 2nd/4th weeks Wed 2pm
Photography full Alan 1st week Thurs 2pm
Poetry Appreciation places Alan 1st Week Mon 9.30am
Poetry Reading full Daphne 4th week Mon 10am
Recorders Consort places Nell 
1st/3rd weeks Fri 10.30am
Recorders Too places Jean 
2nd/4th weeks
Fri 2pm
Rummikub places Eileen Weekly Thurs 10am
Science/Technology places Jean 
3rd week Tues 2pm
Scrabble places Jean weekly Thurs 2pm
Shakespeare Appreciation places Kathie 3rd week Tues 10am
Spanish full Sarah 2nd/4th week Mon 2pm
Stitchcraft full
2nd week
Thurs 2.15pm
Tai Chi full
Tues 10am
Travel Group places 
bi monthly Mon 2pm
Theology Closed
Thursday Walkers 1 full Jill 2nd/4th weeks Thurs 9.30am
Thursday Walkers 2 full Bob 1st/3rd weeks Thurs 9.30am
Tuesday Walkers 1 full Stella 2nd/4th weeks Tues 10am
Tuesday Walkers 2 places Tony 1st/3rd weeks Tues 9.30am
Tuesday Short Walks 2 places Anna 1st/3rd weeks Tues 9.30am
Ukulele Beginners Closed Contact GLO
Ukulele (Players) Closed Contact GLO
Verse and Worse full Barbara 3rd week Thurs 2pm
Walking - Day 1 full Tim 2nd week Tues 9.30am
Walking with Dogs places Tricia 1st/3rd weeks Fri 10.30am
Whist places
1st /3rd weeks
Thurs 10.30am
Wine Appreciation 1 full
John 2nd week Wed 
Wine Appreciation 2 full Linda 1st week Thurs 2pm
Yoga places Marilyn
Mon 9.30am